Property Details

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Road Map

This map above shows the actual driving distance and time from the property to Lovina beach and to the City of Singaraja

Detailed Area Map

In the interactive map above - click on it to open it in a new tab - you can see where this incredible Bali villa is located in relation to important landmarks in the north of Bali. You can see that Lovina, with all it's attractions from restaurants to hotels to ATMs is only ten minutes drive away.

You can see how close to the coast the property is. The map shows some of the most famous tourist attractions like waterfalls and lakes around the property. On the map you can see the city of Singaraja - the second largest city in Bail - is only 25 minutes drive.

You can also see the location of the property in relation to the new north Bali airport. Finally you can see how the property is facing the ocean where you can see the sun-setting behind the java volcanoes.

Detailed Property Map

You are here at your Bali property. The postcard-map above - which is in accurate scale - shows you the general layout of the land and buildings. You can see that the main house and the two cottages are very private. The parking/store room with the yoga pavilion at the end of the private driveway.

You can see the pool, the garden and the rest of the 1 hectare land, all facing the incredible views of northwest Bali. The map also shows you the amount of road frontage on the east-side of the property.